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On the 30th day of January in the year 2013 at 3:30 PM CST

Introducing Battleplan and Treasury for Raiding Parties

Today, another game joins our growing family of games supported in Battleplan and Treasury: Raiding Parties.

Raiding Parties is a pirate themed card game that takes place in the Golden Age of Piracy. As the commander, you get to select your "Raiding Party" crew and test your mettle against an opponent player. Each crew card is equipped with weapons and abilities that "hit" on certain flips from a separate deck of 52 standard playing cards. Each card features an arrangement of beautiful maritime artwork by Don Maitz, the Myth and Legend artist who created the famous Captain Morgan Spiced Rum logo.

We invite you to put on your pirate hat and browse the Raiding Parties cards in Battleplan, then head to the official Raiding Parties website where you can learn more about the game, purchase your copy, and discover what the high seas have in store for you.