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On the 12th day of February in the year 2013 at 10:00 AM CST

Fan-made Heroscape Valhalla Customs now available

The fan-made units from the Valhalla Customs project (i.e. C3V and SoV) are now available in Battleplan for Heroscape and Treasury.

Note that the Valhalla Customs units will not be shown in the lists until you explicitly choose to include them. In Battleplan, look for the option in the Catalog pane's Options box. In Treasury, click the "more" button under the "Show Placeholders" checkbox.

These are not official units. They are units from a fan-made customs project. Customs have been a part of Heroscape culture from the start, but since official Heroscape production ceased, many in the community banded together to create fan-made customs that have the same spirit and quality as the official units. Valhalla Customs is such a project.

Thanks to Arch-vile for maintaining a spreadsheet of the unit stats, Super Bogue for providing the special power texts, doe138 for creating the card images, and ZBeeblebrox for the creating the unit photos. Special thanks to Xotli for pulling it all together so we could get it into our database. And of course, thanks to all the team members of Valhalla Customs for their time and effort designing and playtesting the units.

(As many of you will be happy to hear, we are also working with the C3G group to make their units available as well. Stay tuned!)