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On the 31st day of December in the year 2011 at 5:00 PM CST

Filling in the gaps: Heroscape figure photos for Wave D2 and Wave D3

On this last day of 2011, we're excited to conclude the year by giving you another installment of Heroscape figure photos. Battleplan for Heroscape now has beautiful new photos for all units in both Wave D2: Warriors of Eberron and Wave D3: Moltenclaw's Invasion. What's especially exciting about this is that now all units but one have figure photos. (We'll get a photo of Samuel Brown as soon as he returns from the front line.)

As before, these outstanding photos are the work of Matt "AliasQTip" Baker. Visit his website and thread to see the many ways he contributes to the Heroscape community. Of particularly pertinent interest, check out his 2012 Heroscape Calendar featuring some of the photos he's taken for Battleplan.

We wish you the best of fun in 2012. Have a Mythacle New Year!