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On the 7th day of June in the year 2011 at 11:30 AM CST

Filling in the gaps: Heroscape figure photos for Master Set 3 and Obsidian Guards

Today we have an extra special treat for all you Heroscape fans!

Some time ago we announced that we would be gradually replacing the "No Figure Photo" images with nice, useful figure photos. To move forward with this project, we enlisted the skills of the community's own Matt Baker, more commonly know as AliasQTip, a dedicated Heroscape fan with a creative eye. So today in Battleplan for Heroscape, you will see his work as the new photos for all the Units in Master Set 3: Battle for the Underdark and for the Obsidian Guards (one of my personal favorites). We think you'll agree that Matt has done an absolutely fantastic job!

Continuing with this line of awesomeness, you'll be happy to know that we've slated Matt to work on the rest of the missing Heroscape photos. Next up, Wave 9: Blackmoon's Siege.