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On the 23rd day of April in the year 2010 at 2:30 PM CST

Stats galore and a little more

Yesterday's released came with several changes, some large, some small. The largest and most significant change is the way roster stats are handled. (A roster is what we generically call armies, decks, etc.) First, you'll notice that there is less text at the top of the roster pane, and what remains is simplified, easy-to-read information about the primary constraints for constructing your roster. For example, the primary constraint in building a Summoner Wars deck is the number of cards allowed in the deck. Heroscape, on the other hand, has two primary constraints: the point size of the army and the number of starting spaces allowed on the map you'll be playing. Continuing with Heroscape as the example, the new layout provides instant visibility to your army's point total, the maximum points set for your army, and the number of points you have left to spend; all of which was formerly hidden under a collapsed label. These same changes have also been made to our HeroClix console.

The other roster stats have moved to the new roster details page. You can view this page by selecting the roster "Details" item in the roster pane. (e.g. "Army Details", "Deck Details", etc.) With all this new space available, we were able to significantly expand on the stats that are shown. We've added some fields and sliced the numbers up in different way, making it quicker and easier to calculate the risks in your game. We believe there is more useful information about a roster that isn't in there yet, so we'll keep looking and adding as it comes to us.

In addition to the immediate benefits of these changes, we're also excited about how nicely they set things up for features we have planned for next few months. One among those is the awaited roster validator, which will be especially useful for Summoner Wars.