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On the 11th day of May in the year 2010 at 4:00 PM CST

Better buttons for faster edits

Many of our most recent changes to Battleplan been in the spirit of reducing the time it takes you to create an army or deck, so you spend less time building and more time playing. The first change we made was to increase the clickable area of the add/remove buttons, making them easier to hit. Previously, they were 10x10 pixels, and we increase them by a whopping 2 pixels in both directions, totaling 12x12 pixels. While 2 pixels may not seem like much, think about it this way: a 10x10 pixel image has a total of 100 pixels, where a 12x12 pixel image has a total of 144 pixels. So, the 12x12 pixel image has 44% more area than that of the 10x10 pixel image! Certainly not insignificant.

Another change was to put add/remove buttons next to the items in the browse pane (the list on the left). This comes with several benefits, but most significant is the ability to quickly add (or remove) an item to your roster, where before you would have to click on the item to view it and then move your pointer to the add (or remove) button next to the tabs. This also allows you to actively see how adding or removing an item changes the statistics within the roster's Analysis tab.

The Summoner Wars console in particular has a couple of notable changes. First off, we've put add/remove buttons next to the required cards within a Summoner's Stats tab. Again, this affords less navigation activity and more focus on designing your deck and, even more importantly, playing the game. Secondly, we've added links to quickly load a standard Summoner Wars faction deck. Just click the Clear button at the bottom of the roster pane and you'll see them in the list area. So now, if you just want to tweak one of the standard decks, you no long have to construct it from scratch.