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On the 6th day of February in the year 2009 at 6:01 AM CST

Battleplan 1.1 release

One week ago, we introduced you to Battleplan. It was met with such good response that we wanted to give you more of it. Before the initial release, the original plan was to roll out an upgrade in about three weeks. After the initial release, we shortened it to two weeks. But now, after one short week of many long nights, we bring you Battleplan 1.1.

Here are some of the more notable changes:

Additionally, we've made numerous bug fixes, speed enhancements, and UI tweaks.

Battleplan is currently tested to run correctly in Chrome, Firefox 3, IE7, IE8 (RC1), and Safari 3. Battleplan was also tested to run in Opera 9, but it breaks. (Sorry Opera fans!)

Thanks to those who made suggestions and reported bugs this past week. Suggestions and bug reports can be posted to either the Battleplan thread at or the Batteplan Help Group.